Frequently Asked Questions

These are our most frequently asked questions about Onboard Me.


A proven step-by-step implementation program that allows you to fully automate your business online and essentially remove all borers to your business. We give you templates, copy, blueprints, samples, and everything you need to complete this project in 30 days or less. We have been told it’s better than those $5000+ personal coaching programs because we hold your hand through the entire 30-day process

You get a full 30-day step-by-step implementation program, a personal onboarding call, and 30-days unlimited use of the Thrive Coach software suite!

Yes! With Zapier thrive coach can integrate with almost any software platform. We also have custom integrations with popular tools like Instapage, Unbounce, Twilio, Mindbody, Zen Planner, and more!

It’s super easy! We offer many options for uploading or syncing contacts between platforms. You can sync your contacts with Mindbody or Zen Planner via our in-app integration, enter a contact manually, use an opt-in form, or upload any contact list using a CSV file. If you are Pro member our VA can do this for you!

We use Twilio. Twilio is the worlds most popular text messaging platform and also offers the least expensive cost per text message sent. Set up takes minutes, and you are ready to send and receive 2-way text messages through thrive coach.


Checkout pages are landing pages that collect payment information and then deliver your product. Thrive Checkout™ is our signature checkout page software and allows you to create beautiful mobile responsive order forms for your programs. They come complete with timers, social proof, guarantees, product info, and a myriad of pricing options like one-time fee, recurring subscriptions, paid and free trials, split pays, name your price, and you can even offer free products to get subscribers!

Products are programs, services, and merchandise you sell. You are able to create unlimited products and use a myriad of pricing scenarios like one-time fee, recurring subscriptions, paid and free trials, split pays, name your price, and even free products to get a subscriber!

Thrive coach uses its sister software Thrive Funnels™ to create beautiful mobile responsive opt-in and sales funnels that get leads into your pipelines. We have a library of more than 300 funnels and growing. Plus we give away a new funnel each month to help your keep things moving in the right direction with your business. As an Thrive Coach Growth or Pro member, you can add unlimited funnels to your account for just $39 per month!

Pipelines are visual tracking tools to help you see where each contact is in their journey. Have they made contact, been pre-qualified, booked an appointment, attended an orientation or consult, purchased a front end offer, etc? Our pipelines offer powerful automation and reminder tools as well as tracking ROI and the probability of a sale! It’s like Trello or Asana on steroids.

Broadcasts are email campaigns that you can send to thousands of contacts at one time to accelerate relationships. They come complete with open rate analytics and resending options. Most of our users choose this option for weekly newsletters and promotions. Broadcasts are a great way to generate sales and new interest in your programs.

Sequences are SMS and Email campaigns that send at predetermined and dripped intervals. These are great for nurturing new leads over a period of time or onboarding new clients into your evergreen programs.

Templates are canned email or SMS messages that you can fire at will from your launchpad, bulk actions, or as part of a customer onboarding journey. Our users love them and they have saved hours in repetitive messaging.

Perhaps the coolest tool we offer. A customer journey can take any prospect, client, or even a team member through a series of pre-determined events based on the contact’s behavior. These are unbeatable for running challenges and training staff as well as nurturing a lead to invest in your services.

Great question! Playbooks are mobile responsive mini-courses you can use to onboard your new clients. Think about playbooks like interactive checklists or execution plans your prospects, clients, and staff can use to complete a task or learn a concept. They are a fantastic addition to your onboarding process.

Our form builder allows you to create beautiful multi-step intake or information gathering forms, progress tracking, picture, and document uploading, collect signatures and initials and so much more. The use cases are endless and this is one of our most heavily used features in the Thrive Coach suite.

When you need a very quick download page, recipe page, testimonial page, blog article, or any other way to get information or an offer to your contacts these are super handy and able to be created in just a few minutes!

Some business owners have multiple physical locations. We allow Pro users to add unlimited additional locations for just $10 per month per additional location. This is great for franchise owners with multiple locations or online coaches with multiple brands.


We got you covered! We have live chat support Monday through Friday 8 am-5 pm EST. You also receive a personal onboarding call, and lifetime access to our Thrive Academy implementation program!

All pro accounts have the ability to make all client-facing emails, forms, pages, playbooks, waivers, agreements, and quizzes are powered by their company. No Thrive Coach branding will be shown on your assets only your company name and links to your website. Our users love this because it appears to be a custom-made tool for their client’s value and not a paid service.

You can manage your billing and cancel your trial with one click under your Thrive Coach subscription settings.

Additional add-ons are metered and unlimited options that can be added to your standard billing. This allows you to keep costs lower until you need extra help like funnels, additional coaches, additional locations, extra storage, and more.