You Only Need One Software to Run Your High-Ticket Coaching Business!

See how we simplify everything in this 4-minute highlight reel. This will blow you away!

Get leads

The easiest and most user-friendly funnel builder on earth. Just drag your elements onto the canvas, adjust, connect, and publish.

Build, publish, and deploy beautifully branded surveys, quizzes, agreements, data forms, and more with just a few clicks.

Launch high-converting opt-in pages in seconds. Just select your niche, adjust your colors, pop-up, and thank you page – and you’re ready!

Content is king. Create beautifully branded content pages. Deliver value like recipes, workouts, and training with high-converting sidebar offers.

We will follow up with your new leads. Automated prospect and client follow-ups are simple using trigger-based campaigns.

Make sales

Create products and pricing in minutes. Offer robust pricing options, including trials, single-pay, subscriptions, and even coupons.

Launch a high-converting checkout page in minutes. Select your design, add your bumps, configure brand colors, and makes sales!

Boost your sales with order bumps and coupons. Offer a complementary product or a sweet discount at checkout and watch your average order value soar.

Maximize revenue by offering subscriptions. Custom recurring billing gives you total control over your revenue.

Powerful financial insights at a glance. Keep track of your numbers, monitor key metrics, and make data-driven decisions for your business.

Send newsletters, offers, content and more. Customize, schedule, and track the impact of your messaging for maximum relationship karma.

Send multi-channel dripped campaigns. Message editing is a snap. Send emails, SMS messages, or both at any predetermined interval.

Simplify failed payments and recover more revenue. Automate the process of recovering failed payments, reduce churn, and get paid on time.

Transform clients

Give your clients a custom-branded portal! Deliver all the tools and resources they need to succeed in one place. Chat included!

Automate everything. Build it, set it, and forget it. Thrive Coach will deliver your programs, experiences, and messaging on autopilot.

One place for everything. Clients can see all scheduled workouts, required actions, and check-ins at a glance

Customized Workout Plans for Your Clients. Create and deliver personalized workout plans based on your client's fitness level, goals, and preferences.

Build daily routines for your clients! Set achievable habits, track progress, and keep clients motivated with rewards and leaderboards.

Track your clients' progress like a boss! Keep tabs on your clients' goals and overall progress. Help them stay motivated with leaderboards and rewards.

Create friendly competitions and challenges. Boost engagement and reward top performers by displaying real-time data and progress.

Data and analytics for all your KPI's. Create and administer assessments quickly and easily. Analyze results and gain valuable insights.

Build life-changing online courses. Design engaging content, reach a worldwide audience, and track your client’s success.

Accelerate relationships

Your client management dashboard makes it super easy to track progress, automate follow-ups, get insights, and accelerate all your relationships.

Stay organized and on top of your communications with our all-in-one message center. Centralize all communication and never miss a beat.

Store all your often-used messaging and content. Easily insert into any editor. Give your template a name and save it.

All your important client conversations in one place. Communicate with clients in their portal using the portal chat dashboard.

Never miss a client’s birthday again. Get reminders of upcoming birthdays and send automated or manual birthday messages or rewards.

Reward clients and prospects for taking actions that move your business forward. Assign via form submission, contact launch pad, bulk actions, and automations.

Manage growth

Forget Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other file management software. Just upload your files, and enjoy robust analytics and file permissions.

Growth is inevitable when you have a killer product. We support unlimited growth and expansion by allowing you to add coaches and permissions.

Expansion opportunities are endless with Thrive Coach! As you grow you can add more virtual and physical locations to your account.

Want to keep Thrive Coach a secret? Upgrade to Pro and turn on white label branding to all your emails, client assets, and even your portal.